just PM is a boutique project management agency founded by Marianna Papaglastra and focusing on the environmental sustainability market.

the argument for essential effectiveness

As projects become more complex and multi-threaded, a return to the essentials is required: beyond the thousands of emails, hundreds of meeting hours, innumerable powerpoint slides and multitude of output metrics, a project is a collaboration of humans in order to achieve a common goal. Within this context, a clear view of the bigger picture, a consistent focus on the specific objectives, and a direct line of communication with all parties involved, are the fundamental elements for a successful project outcome.

At just PM we focus on getting the results. We provide all-round project management services, for people-intensive works, ensuring the effectiveness of your investments.


  • Management of the full project lifecycle, from initial planning and proposal writing to final delivery and reporting.
  • Networking, partnership building, team management, training and support.
  • Full overview of project internal and external communications, information management including technical writing and copy editing.

thematic areas

The just PM consultancy focuses on the environmental sustainability market, including the following areas (indicative):

  • energy and climate change
  • environmental policy and governance
  • quality, auditing, compliance and controlĀ· environment, health & safety
  • environmental and energy legislation


please write to info (at) just-pm (dot) eu